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WHAT IS Room temperature vulcanized two-component silicone?


To have a better understanding of room temperature vulcanized two-component silicone, you’d better know the answer to the following FAQs first.
1.What is the RTV 2?
Two components of RTV 2 when mixed together cure at room temperature (RTV is the abbreviation room temperature vulcanization).
2.Is mold release necessary?
Yes, on the original, and when trying to separate two silicones halves.
3. Before pouring, is degassing process necessary?
Yes. The silicone will work better if you degas it. By getting away all the extra air, the silicone will pick up better details and have stronger physical properties. But
degassing does not effect the curing.
4. Is weighing the silicone product necessary?
The silicone rubber products are formulated to react using a measurement based on weigh.
5. Does temperature effect the silicone and curing process?
Yes. For the addition cure silicone, they will gain work time and cure time in the absence of heat.
6. What causes the condensation to be “wet” on the interface?
Because the condensation mould making silicone rubber is cured by contacting with the moisture in the air. In the process of manufacturing silicone products, the
moisture in it is dried out, so it appears like that, without adding any water. To solve this problem, you need to add a little water(about 0.05%), mixing it with our product

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