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What is the application of addition silicone rubber?


Addition silicone rubber is usually made of vinyl-terminated polydimethyl siloxane, a low molecular weight silicone oil, silicone resin, platinum catalyst, etc. According to
the requirements of the application of silicone rubber, you can also add the appropriate fillers, additives, and inhibitors. We all know that the application of silicone is
very extensive. Then, have you heard the new high-tech, green environmental addition silicone rubber and what is the application of addition silicone rubber.
Since the advent of addition silicone rubber, it was widely applied and attracts the attention of various industrial sectors. As yet, the application of addition silicone
rubber has been involved in electronics, electrical appliances, aviation, aerospace, medical, machinery manufacturing, food mould, etc.
Below, I will introduce several main applications of addition silicone rubber.
1. Application of silicone rubber in Electronics:
Addition silicone rubber with excellent dielectric properties, excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, and better adhesion widely
used for sealing, bonding, dipping, coating, etc. in electronics, electrics.
2. Application of silicone in aerospace:
This material used in the aerospace generally has more stringent requirements than the ground applied materials. The addition silicone rubber, which can be vulcanized
at room temperature and heated conditions, has been widely used in the aerospace field in recent years due to its excellent electrical insulation, high and low
temperature resistance, good thermal stability, ozone resistance and radiation resistance, mainly as a sealant and putty. Its greatest feature of addition silicone rubber is
the low thermal vacuum weightlessness. Besides, as an ideal space with high polymer material, the metal and polyimide adhesive strength of addition silicone rubber can
reach 2MPa.
3. Application of silicone in medicine and health care:
The addition silicone rubber won’t produce any by-products in the process of sulfide, and it has these characteristics of short curing time, low linear shrinkage, non-toxic,
odorless, physiologically inert, and stable for fungicides. So, addition silicone rubber has been applied broadly in medical industry for several years, such as dental impression materials, denture base soft liners, prostheses, medical tubes, cosmetic and so on. The addition silicone rubber compared to condensation silicone rubber has
better water imbibition, hydrophilicity, resistance to permeability, which is the most suitable for soft denture liner material. Moreover, the application of silicone is also
reflected in medical catheter. Medical silicone rubber catheter is the fastest-growing and the most widely used silicone rubber products, and addition silicone rubber is
mainly used on these occasions contacting with blood or needing to be embedded in the body. In addition, the application of silicone in the make-up and cosmetic fields
has come into vogue, because addition silicone rubber.

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