• GRC / GFRC / Concrete sprayer

    For both Spray Premix and Traditional Hand Spray GRC / GFRC

    GRC/Concrete sprayer

    S80 GRC/GFRC Sprayer “Combination” series is constructed around robust “multi-roller” 38mm peristaltic pumps are driven by powerful 3-phase electric motors and frequency inverter speed controllers. With the “peristaltic pump” no moving parts are in contact with the materials, enabling these pumps to convey a wide range of mixes. Therefore, the PS38 Combination Spray Stations can be used to manufacture Traditional Hand Spray and Spray Premix GRC / GFRC.


    Peristaltic pump with “multi roller low pulse” technology

    No moving parts in contact with the material to maintain strand integrity of fiber

    Simple cleaning with sponge ball

    High-performance internal hose is easily removed for inspection or replacement

    Machine mounted, fully articulated spray support boom

    Variable speed control system

    Operates with both the Premix Spray and Concentric Spray guns

    Guns supplied with Spray Station

    Equipment parts

    Sprayer gun 2 sets

    Blade 300 pcs

    Rubber tyre 20pcs

    Nozzle 5pcs


    Technical parameter

    Product--- S80 GRC/Concrete sprayer

    Electricity--- 380V 50HZ,3-phase electric motors

    Power ---2.2-3.0KW

    Rotate Speed--- 40-200r/min

    Working area-- 4.0m(the radius of the horizon arm)

    Convening capacity ---300-1600kg/h

    volume--- 50L

    Pressure ---0.6-0.8mpa

    Effectiveness ---300-400㎡/h

    Size--- 1400*1000*2200mm

    Weight ---220kg


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