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How to extend the service life of silicone mold?


It is generally known that silicone mold plays a mediating effect on the replication and production of products. In order to obtain greater benefits and the lowest cost of a
single product, we usually have to consider the best service life of silicone mold which can be affected from the selection of silicone raw materials to the making process
of silicone mold to the maintenance of the late. This failure for the silicone mold can be mainly classified into three kinds of wear, fracture, and deformation. Today, this
article is to identify the main causes of failure for the silicone mold and how to extend the service life of silicone mold.
I have mentioned that we can extend the service life of silicone mold from pre-production, production and post-production. Firstly, you are supposed to choose the
superior products with suitable hardness before making silicone mold. This selection of silicone rubber should be based on the texture, shape and size of products. For
large products, we ought to choose the silicone with higher hardness to prevent the silicone mold from deformation. And, the soft silicone can be applied in making
silicone mold for the small size products with detailed patterns.
In the production process of silicone mold, please do not blindly increase the amount of hardener in order to catch the production schedule. And the silicone rubber and
curing agent must be mixed evenly to extend the service life; uneven curing conditions can affect the service life of the silicone mold and reproduction times. Then, the
content of silicone oil should also be appropriate, preferably in the range of 5%-10%. Adding too much silicone oil, the silicone mold will be easy to become soft and
durable. In addition, it had better for placing 24 hours or more before putting into production for the silicone mold.
To extend the service life of silicone mold, any customers also should place considerable emphasis on the post-production. The following points need to be placed in your
heart. At first, too frequent use goes ill with the silicone mold. So, the soft silicone mold should have at least 10 minutes intervals in a single production after releasing.
Secondly, it’s best for spraying some release agent before using. And, thirdly, the silicone mold used in the production process should be placed smoothly, and this
inclination should not exceed 20 degrees. Next, this operation for the silicone mold should be gentle in the process as far as possible in order to extend the service life,
avoiding uneven tearing force. Besides, when it is not used temporarily, silicone mold should be shelves and storage, and cannot be separated with outer mold. At last,
regular care and maintenance for the mold is necessary. It is no problem for the silicone mold to extend the service life, if it is well-maintained, and the service life is 3-4
times higher than ordinary silicone mold.

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