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Silicone raw materials market price is rising crazily, after the Spring Festival holiday! --- RTV134 Silicone

Siloxane from 60000 RMB/ton rose to 140000 RMB/ton!!! Amazing!!!
(Silicone raw materials market latest offer)

· Price trends

After the Spring Festival holiday, the silicone market ushered in a good start, the market price is becoming clearer, silicone DMC compared to the pre-holiday rose about 1,000 yuan / ton , the current market price of 29,500-30000 yuan / ton mainstream. The first year, the market information should be flawless, Shin-Etsu factory gas spill in Japan, although not affect the operation, but still let the industry some panic. The other two will be held soon, ministries and local chemical plants have been notified, during the two sessions may have to stop production . In order to "rise" potential start of the organic silicon market, driven by the upper reaches, the middle and lower reaches will also follow up the recent price increases, the majority of silicone oil, silicon rubber plant started after the price is also appropriately raised.

The most crazy years ago, the rally was the silicone by-product, after the holiday return, the crazy still, the market price of the top three to 5-6 million / ton, driven by high prices, silicon ether, silazane has risen to heaven, the current mainstream price Is how much, Xiao Bian really hard to say, that the silicone ether 80,000 / ton is sky-high, as far as we know, there are manufacturers offer after the holiday has exceeded 100,000 / t, silazane 140,000 / t or so, scared small Chiba are lost. There are also hydrogen-containing silicone oil, 35000 / ton is the mainstream transaction price, better quality close to 40,000 / ton . This wave of rally has made many people in the industry feel uneasy. The gains are so high that they can not get the goods or dare to take too many goods. It is hard to predict how long the wave will last.

2018 began only two months, from upstream to downstream, from raw materials to byproducts are "demon . " There are also various policies on environmental protection and transport. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the market changes and make stocking plans in the new year.


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